Advertising in online radio. Service AdMediaMix

Your product on the radio. Too expensive? Too hard?  Inaccurate coverage? Forget everything you thought you knew about the radio.

Live radio offers you exactly what you want from radio advertising: cost transparency, flexible media plan, target audience. We offer you the opportunity to advertise in innovation!

Small advertising budgets are not a problem. We are able to target the delivery of your advertising. You pay only for the actual listening to your promotional rolls. You can flexibly customize the advertising campaign with the help of our service: select the geographical location of the listener, and the days of the listening, genre preferences of your target audience and more. As part of an advertising campaign, you can display several commercials of varying duration - this does not affect the price.

Why advertising in online radio?

  • The volume of advertising in online radio is less than FM. Because this targetted advertising: commercials are delivery separately for each listener, and not all in a row. Low advertising load on the listener provides a high level of perception, which increases the chances of a response.
  • Listeners are one click away from the site of the advertiser. Many listen to radio via the Internet, so it is very easy to go to the website.
  • Listeners online radio is a very active category of consumers with the level of propensity purchases is above average and the desire to receive information about new products as soon as possible (according to the analysis of BIGresearch).
  • Typical listeners online radio is young and well-paid worker with average annual household income in the amount of < $54000 (according to BIGresearch).

Why AdMediaMix?

  • Advertise with the needs of precisely your brand. We are the first and only company in Russia who offers audio advertising in foreign online radio only for listeners from Russia.
  • We offer advertising in streams a plurality of stations of various genres, for maximum coverage of the audience.
  • The potential inventory of advertising is more than 16.3 million monthly (Russia).*
  • A high level of perception of listeners online radio and new  advertising site with quality content allows you to select from a variety of advertisers and advertising to achieve high efficiency.
  • We offer various options for advertising in online radio.
  • With the option of geo-targeting your ads will be shown only to those listeners who are in the selected regions.
  • Most listeners online radio is wealthy people aged 20-30 years who willingly spend money on the Internet.
  • The audience for online radio is very loyal. The kernel size of the audience is constantly increasing, listening time is growing.

* Online listener is counted if he was connected to the stream at least 5 minutes. Data on the listeners are taken directly from the server logs for each station.

Online radio goes mobile

Constantly evolving, the owners of online radio stations run all new applications for listening to online radio with the help of various mobile devices: smartphones, Internet radio devices, automotive IP-tuners... There are special apps for iPhone, Android and other platforms, and their use completely free of charge!

Thus, online radio is becoming more mobile and the target, allowing you to deliver advertising everywhere, where are the listeners.

Online radio audience

Service AdMediaMix unites 21 radioportal with more than 49,300 radio stations and channels. This is more than 16.3 million impressions of advertising rolls monthly to the Russian audience.